We have exciting news about our online giving.

Here at the Pathway Church, we can’t do all that we do without your support! Thank you for your continued kindness and generosity.

We want you to know that we’ve switched our online giving platform, which means giving a gift will be easier now than ever!

Please use the giving portal below to set up your gift.

It is a core value of The Pathway Family to be RADICALLY GENEROUS!

Simply click the ”give” button and you will be able to donate to a number of categories:

  • BUILD: Building related projects
  • SPECIAL: events, speakers
  • COMPASSION: To help those in need
  • SOZO: to make payments for SOZO ministry 
  • PASTOR: appreciation, love offerings
  • FREEDOM : to make payment for Freedom Encounter Ministry
  • OUTREACH: For sending teams locally and around the world to reveal the kingdom

Thanks for giving!