Pathway Young Adults is a community of 20s and 30s pursuing the presence of God. We are singles and marrieds.  Young parents and professionals. We are dreamers and planners. Our stories are full of trials and victories, and we desire to learn from them all - and from one another.

But despite all the roles we may carry, our greatest desire is to know who we are as sons and daughters of God. We want to live free and healthy in the truth of Jesus - and believe walking together in life-giving, authentic community is important to living abundantly. Our desire is to champion one another as we follow Jesus with all our hearts and watch our families, relationships, workplaces, and community transform because of it.

We worship, we take risks, we hang out, we drink coffee, we love others, we go on adventures. And there is always room for another on the journey.  

Stay tuned for upcoming events and fellowship times.